Le Petit Bistrot

Congratulations to Le Petit Bistrot,  La Jolla Social Hot Spot

Another fine addition to the great (but relatively sparse) French food scene in La Jolla. Le Petit Bistrot will blow most any French restaurant this side of the Atlantic out of the water, bringing a full menu of authentic, high class French cuisine, from Boeuf Bourguignon to Confit de Canard a.k.a. duck confit (both of which are delicious).

When you walk in you are greeted by a homey but refined air, as if you really had stumbled across the place on the streets of Paris. In reality, the restaurant is poised on the edge of an ocean-view balcony directly above Girard Avenue, one of the main streets in La Jolla’s shopping district.

Serving lunch and dinner, It’s a great date spot right in the thick of LJ, perfect for before you head out to catch a flick or to peruse your favorite nightlife. If you are walking by during day try the duck burger or classic French Onion Soup for lunch.

The owners are there to welcome you with a smile and make recommendations for your dining experience.

Overall the place is dreamy, an inspiration to creative types and a must-go for any food connoisseur.  Be ready to enjoy some Fresh authentic French food paired with a delicious wine selection right by your front door. Bon appétit!