Artist Christopher H Martin Visits La Jolla to launch the Solo Show La Jolla

Artist Christopher H Martin visited La Jolla this past week to launch the Solo Show La Jolla.  This a collection of his wonderful artwork for sale at The La Jolla Gallery next to Eddie V’s at 1274 Prospect St.

“My artwork takes an interpretative view of natural patterns. Through my paintings I seek to create an organic development of form, depth and color working together to create a unique expression. Organic Expressionism, is a succinct way to describe my process.

I start with a clear acrylic panel and apply heat, wind, water, brush and pigment in a reverse order to create my paintings. In reverse glass the artist works from foreground to the background, the initial strokes being the most imperative and the final being of very little consequence; inverse of a canvas.

By engaging forms of interlaced ovals, linear movement, arcs and fields of color, I seek to produce a unique visual expression in each painting. As a botanist crosses variant orchids to create beautiful new strain, I fuse various applications, and forms to evolve my paintings. In the end I paint to create a strong aesthetically engaging presence, that evokes a calm excitement of natural beauty.”

Stop by check out the amazing collection and perhaps even take a piece or two home.  See more on-line at:  You can receive FREE shipping and/or personal delivery and hanging to most countries if you mention La Jolla Social at the time of purchase.