Piazza 1909

Congratulations to Piazza 1909.  This Week’s La Jolla Social Hot Spot

La-Jolla-Social-Hot-Spot-2017-_1281-300x294A strikingly modern yet traditionally delicious choice. You won’t be disappointed when you drop in on Piazza 1909. They serve up honestly some of the best food I’ve had recently, and that’s saying something. They showcase an inventive and intelligent take on fine Italian cuisine, all the brainchild of Milanese head chef Stefano Ceresoli, who expertly blends the newest trends in Europe with the old guard of Northern Italian specialties.  His business partner and manager Walter Aprea expertly runs the front of the house.
And I did mean “house” literally. The kitchen and dining room are located in a historical cottage house built in 1909, hence the name Piazza 1909. “1909” the year and “Piazza” because most of the restaurant space is outdoors, like in a plaza. The restaurant is much bigger than it looks like from the sidewalk, offering a beautiful covered patio and a private patio for special events.
Its frankly hard to say what we enjoyed the most from our most recent visit, as they didn’t put a single thing in front of us that didn’t blow us away, but a dish that really stood out was the Agnello lamb, incredibly tender meat encrusted with spices and, surprisingly, pistachios, that looked strange on the menu but made perfect sense once they were on our plate.
Another standout was their bread, which they serve with a marvelous light red sauce for dipping. We followed that up with their Carciofi Fritti, delicate artichokes lightly fried, soft on the inside, and with just a thin layer of crunch on the outside. For my main course I had the Pollo Limone, which came in a thin savory sauce and was absolutely stellar, but what really impressed me about the dish was that not only did they impress with the chicken, but also with the sides; their potatoes were wholesome and well spiced, while the veggies were fresh and served al dente, with just enough heat and no lost flavor.
Besides the food this place has a lot to boast, from their central position, surrounded by beaches in three directions, to their delightful ambiance. I especially appreciate how they blend their conventional Italian roots with the modern style they put forward, it works really well and sets the restaurant apart from some of the heavily orthodox Italian restaurants here in La Jolla.
There was something better than the food… the service. Roberta (Chef Stefano’s wife and partner as well) and her team’s confident and polite service put this dining experience over the top.
Overall, its a 5-star entry into our books, and absolutely deserving of our 2017 La Jolla Social Hotspot award. Stay classy, Piazza.

Congratulations on your 2017 La Jolla Social Hotspot Award