Let food be thy medicine.

One of my favorite cafes where popular low calorie food is served after a jog or hike early in the morning is the Parakeet Cafe. Located in the west of the Village, covid-safe, a mask is a must, they serve amazing, healthy food and have outdoor dining. Walking into the parakeet store you’ll see a cute cafe with glass windows and a parakeet logo; french inspired with a modern cafe look and light, healthy meals. The menu has items like bowls, waffles, and toasts served all day for breakfast. They also have soups and salads, bigger plates with side items, and a kid’s menu. My favorite toast is the Avocado Toast that has crunchy mung beans, pumpkin seeds, beet spirals, and serrano peppers with pickled mustard on Ezekiel bread although they do have a gluten free bread option. You can also add protein to it such as an egg, salmon, or falafel which I got on the side. Another toast I tried for the first time was the Harvest Toast that had tomatoes, pickled onions, and basil on avocado spread on Gluten Free bread for this one. I enjoy this place for it’s light, nourishing, and energy replenishing food.