La Jolla Social Star Sighting – The Kardashian – Jenner Family At The La Valencia Hotel

Wonder no more about the large crowds and paparazzi  outside the La Valencia Hotel on July 27th.  The Kardashian – Jenner families were in town to celebrate grandma MJ’s birthday.  They did it in style at the La Valencia Hotel while while being filmed for their reality TV show.  They filmed throughout the charming hotel including an evening pool scene.

As the crowds grew at the La Valencia the security teams made the decision to move the family’s departure to a more low key exit La Valencia exit by the pool.  This change did not catch the paparazzi off guard as they quickly swarmed to the next exit point for a hectic photo session.  moments later the vehicles sped away with paparazzi following close behind.  Next stop, the Del Mar Race Track Turf Club for some more fun and filming.


kardashian west visit to la jolla July 2016kardashian jenner visit to la jolla July 2016