Girard Gourmet

A classic Cove eatery, the Girard Gourmet is as much a staple of La Jolla cuisine as any other single restaurant; nestled neatly into a narrow but surprisingly homey and spacious plot on Girard next to the lululemon store, the first testament to the quality of this place is the line that stretches out the door daily, filled with excited (and hungry) patrons. I come here for a quick but tasty slice of, well, nearly anything. In mornings you can drop by for a full breakfast or just a slice of pie to keep you going. At lunchtime I like to drop in for a sandwich to go, and enjoy it as I go about my day. A large portion of their selection is displayed beautifully in their long glass case full of items as varied as sweet sugar cookies and wholesome chicken meals.

They source their ingredients remarkably well, and it shows in the quality of their food, their veggies have a nice crunch to them and taste fresh, while their quiches are flavor-packed and filling. They take great pride in THEIR own garden in San Diego County to YOUR plate.

They create a variety of intricate and rare pastries, so if you’re into the dessert scene this is a must see spot. Also, they offer a variety of catering experiences, serving an array of options for breakfast lunch and dinner as well as their pastry selection. Come on down anytime for a great neighborhood dining experience!

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